Why are you called ASAP?

ASAP stands for “All Simple All Plants”. This is a motto that we believe in here at ASAP HQ. We think that we can take care of the planet by keeping our diets simple and full of plants.

Are your m*lkshakes vegan?

Yes, our m*lkshakes are 100% vegan!

Do your m*lkshakes contain any allergens?

Our m*lks are gluten-free, nut & soy-free not to mention dairy-free. We say no to allergies!

How much protein is in each shake?

We have packed each drink with 20g of plant protein power!

How many calories are in each shake?

All of our m*lks have less than 175 calories, so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

What vitamins and minerals are in your m*lkshakes?

We have fortified each m*lk with loads of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your health in tip-top shape. Inside you will find calcium, vitamins A, B1 (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B6, B7 (Biotin), B9 (folic acid), B12, C, D, E and K.

There is 100% of your vitamin B12 RDA because vegans obtain this naturally in a vegan diet.

We have also fortified our drinks with 100% RDA of vitamin D as this is deficient for many Irish people.

Where does your plant protein come from?

Pea protein is our source of plant protein. Pea protein contains all the essential amino acids.

Where do you source your peas?

Our peas are European grown and harvested from yellow split peas. We have tested peas from all over the world and we can guarantee that these are the tastiest ones out there.

How long do ASAP m*lkshakes last when opened?

ASAP m*lkshakes are at their best within 24 hours of opening. Why not get your protein and vitamins in ASAP?

Do I have to keep my ASAP in the fridge?

ASAP m*lkshakes can be stored ambiently, but we think they taste even better coming from the fridge. Once opened, keep them in the fridge.

Are ASAP m*lkshakes full of artificial flavours and sweeteners?

We chose natural flavours and sweeteners to ensure our m*lkshakes are as honest as we are. We don’t hide behind any hidden nastiness.

Do your m*lkshakes contain less sugar than dairy protein milks/milkshakes?

Of course they do. Our m*lkshakes typically contain 30-50% less sugar than other Dairy protein milk drinks. This is based on the top Irish brands available right now.

Do ASAP m*lkshakes taste good?

They don’t taste good, they taste amazing! 😊

Is pea protein low FODMAP?

We're happy to report we use powdered Pea Protein Isolate in our ASAP m*lkshake.

With regards to the suitability for those with IBS, studies have suggested that although Peas are a high FODMAP food, Pea Protein Powder is actually considered a low FODMAP source and should therefore suit your needs.

However, as always, we recommend consulting with your doctor or a medical professional if you have any outstanding concerns about using ASAP m*lk in your diet.

Why would you add fibre to a m*lkshake?

Our chicory root fibre is a natural source of fibre. It is a prebiotic, meaning that it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut. This helps in keeping your gut healthy.

On top of this, eating fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type diabetes and bowel cancer.

It will also help you feel fuller to keep those munchies away.

Do your m*lkshakes contain palm oil?

In recent years, consumers have been made increasingly aware of the devastating consequences palm oil products can have on wildlife and the environment. That’s why we are happy to report that we are 100% palm oil-free.

Are ASAP bottles recycleable?

ASAP 330ml bottles are 100% recyclable. They are also made out of 31% recycled materials.

What's your view on sustainability?

This was where our journey started at ASAP – figuring out how we help the movement for a more sustainable world. We learned that moving to a plant-based diet is one of the best ways that each person can make a difference. Therefore, we have committed to creating products that are irresistible so that it makes it easier for people to choose a plant-based diet.

We also see our product as the gateway product to ensure moving to a plant-based diet doesn’t impact negatively on one’s health. We do this by filling our products with protein and essential vitamins.


Where can I buy ASAP m*lkshakes?

We’ve got you – shop online right here or find a store nearest to you here!

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, The UK and many countries in Europe.

All orders placed before 3pm (Monday-Friday) will be placed and dispatched that day. Order placed after 3pm will be processed the next working day.

Do you offer free delivery?

We have decided to offer free delivery on all orders over €50. We hate those charges as much as you do.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship internationally, you will be able to see the delivery cost (depending on the country) at checkout.

When will my shakes arrive?

We endeavour to deliver all Irish mainland orders within 1 -2 working days, however in rare occasions this may take longer. If you experience any problems with a delivery, please email us at

Can I get a delivery over the weekend and during bank holidays?

We don’t deliver on the weekend or on Bank Holidays at the moment.

However, if you order by 3pm on Friday, your order will reach you on the next working day.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Maestro, ApplePay, GooglePay and Shop pay. To use Apple Pay, you can check out by using Safari on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

Do you have offer order and collect services available?

We don’t have an order and collect service just yet but our online service should cater for anything you need. Otherwise, contact us at

We are also working on getting these to stores near you in the very near future.

Can I make an order via email or social media channels?

We don’t take orders via e-mail or social media. If you need help in completing an order please do get in touch

Can I track order? (find out exactly)

Of course you can. Once your order has been shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking details. You can also track your order within the ShopPay app.

What if I miss my delivery?

A re-delivery will be attempted the following day.

Can I return my order?

For sustainability reasons, we don’t offer returns. Contact us atinfo@asapvegan.ieif you have any issues.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can. Just email us

How do I get in contact with ASAP The Plant-Based Company?

Just go to the “Contact us” section at the bottom of this page for contact details.